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Is Merrick Bank Credit Card worth It?Is Merrick Bank Credit Card worth It?

Are you considering getting yourself a Merrick Visa Credit card? Are you wondering if you are eligible for application or not? Are you stuck up at the Application Process? in this article we have explained some of the salient features of Merrick Credit Card that might help you decide whether its suitable for you or not.

 We have also mentioned some of the major requirements for the application so you would know if you are eligible for Credit Card yet. Go through the article below and get your concepts clear about the Credit Cards.

Salient Features:

  • Zero penalty rates
  • Zero “up to “credit lines
  • Double your line is suitable consumers with poor credit history
  • Credit limit doubles when timely payments are made in initial seven months
  • Allows mobile and online banking
  • Each month free FICO score is awarded to customers using Merrick Visa credit card
  • Credit card offer hold the Acceptance Number


  • Individual must hold US citizenship
  • 18 years and older individuals are eligible only
  • Credit must be good
  • Individual must have legal credentials including acceptance number, genuine email address

Want to Apply for Your Merrick Bank Credit Card?

After reading the basic features of Visa Credit Card if you have made up your mind to apply for it visit the following link.

If any of you haven’t yet received your acceptance number, you can visit the following link and ask for Pre-qualified Credit offer. You can also use the thebillpay.com to make its payments.

If you don’t have certificate number, you can proceed further by submitting other important credentials such as name address, last 4 digits of SSN, and if you have travelled with 30 days etc. Alternatives of Merrick Bank can be getmyollocard as well.

Still Have Any Queries?

If you still have some unanswered questions with you, feel free to contact the official through the contact information provided below.

  • Write to them at Merrick Bank Customer Service P.O. Box 9201 Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001